Dad is a king!

THANK YOU to dads in all shades and varieties: biological, spiritual, step, grandpas, foster, neighbors, adopted, mentors, pastors, godfathers etc. If you’ve ever felt underappreciated or overlooked while doing your best to be a dad, accept our bouquet of gratitude and love today.

I’m Thankful and I’m Somber

Lord I am thankful for the Breath of Life. I thank you for the miracle of life, the miracle of sleeping and waking up, and the miracle of living every single day.


From God’s point of view, 1000 years ain’t nothing but a thang. A thousand years is like yesterday, it is similar to all the hours you spent sleeping last night; it’s like beautiful, lush green grass, but once the sun beats on it or a herd of cattle trample on it, the grass is gone. From God’s point of view, life on earth is like vapor or a brief documentary.